New Rebelski Album Out Now!

The new album by Martin Rebelski, Witch In A Bottle has been released to itunes worldwide.

The album features the following 10 tracks..

Shadow In The Woods
Box Of Delights
The Giant Wheel
Castle In The Sky
The Silver Toy
Little Wooden Toy

A wee blurb on the album from Felt Music

‘Witch In A Bottle’ is Martin Roman Rebelski’s third and most cinematic and experimental album to date. Drawing influence from the likes of Bernard Herrmann, The Wizard of Oz, John Cage, Erik Satie. It comprises of a collection of instrumental tracks created from prepared piano, orchestral and music box instrumentation.

No word on a physical release just yet. The CD is available with the limited edition version of Anna & The Witch’s Bottle, the book which the music was scored for. Only 300 copies have been printed, to inquire about an order visit blackmaps.

Rebelski Links..

Rebelski Official website


Whilst at the shows last week. It was great speaking to people who were seeing doves for the first time. I was asked a few times who the keyboard player is, so this new feature of the blog was born. Seasoned doves fans will know the keyboardist is none other than Martin Roman Rebelski. For those of you who don’t know much about doves unofficial fourth member. Check out our new section dedicated to Rebelski, who is a composer and recording artist in his own right.

Visit our Rebelski section here.

You can also check out Rebelski’s myspace page to listen to his music or visit his official website.