John Peel Stage

Glastonbury Interview & Audio

To see this picture in much better quality and others like it, visit the BBC’s Glastonbury website here.

doves spoke to the Guardian’s Alex Needham yesterday, before taking the stage. You can listen to the rather hilarious interview here.

To settle the argument. We have it that doves have played Glastonbury seven times, including last night. Here’s what we have:

1998: New Bands Tent
1999: The Other Stage Opened
2000: New Bands Tent Headline
2002: Pryamid Stage late Friday afternoon
2003: The Other Stage Headline Sunday Night
2005: Pryamid Stage Friday Night
2009: John Peel Stage Headline Friday Night

All of doves performances except 1998, were broadcast by the BBC. Including last night’s performance:

Thanks to gibbo1968, here are ten tracks as aired live on BBC Radio. Video will follow over the coming days.

Glastonbury Report

Here is the NME report of doves triumphant performance on Glastonbury’s John Peel Stage.

Performing in front of a loud, enthuastic crowd, the trio immediately had the audience bouncing along with an uptempo intro including the likes of ‘Pounding’ and 10.03′, earning them a loud ovation after each song.

“Listen, no Manchester,” joked Jimi Goodwin with the crowd midway through the set after there were chants for the band’s home city. Instead the singer/bassist was intent on praising the festival: “Glastonbury! You’ve got to broaden your horizons lads.”

Later Goodwin toasted the crowd, declaring them “magic people!” before raising a drink to the other bands headlining the festival tonight. He then introduced ‘The Cedar Room’, declaring it got its “first play this stage [the then new band’s stage] in 1998!”

The band briefly left the stage afterwards, but returned for an encore featuring ‘Here It Comes’, ‘There Goes The Fear’ and – by their original incarnation Sub Sub – closer ‘Spaceface’.

The band then left the stage with giant images of John Peel projected onto their backdrop.

The Setlist:

Winter Hill
The Greatest Denier
Kingdom Of Rust
Black And White Town
The Outsiders
The Cedar Room
Here It Comes
There Goes The Fear


Part of the set is already archived on the 6music website. Listen again to Lamacq’s Headline Set. Doves start 11 minutes in with Snowden just finishing. Winter Hill, Pounding & 10.03 can be heard in full.

Lots more to come over the weekend.

Doves Play Glastonbury Tonight

doves will tonight headline the John Peel Stage at Glastonbury. This will be doves seventh appearance at the festival. caught up with Jez, who had this to say about playing Glastonbury tonight:

Jez Williams insists he will not be touching booze until after the big gig because he doesn’t want to spoil the moment with drunken behaviour or health issues.
He says, “In our twenties we just went for it. But the older you get, you realise you can’t drink like you used to. It’s a balance now.

“We had a bit of a party in New York (recently) and due to that I lost my voice in Philadelphia. That taught me a lesson. We’re really looking forward to (playing at Glastonbury).”
But Williams was devastated to learn the band will take the stage at the same time as legendary musician Neil Young – meaning he will miss out on seeing his hero perform.

He adds, “We’re all big Neil Young fans so when we heard we were up against him we were like, ‘Oh God, no!’ If we were playing before or after him we would definitely be checking him out.”

We’ll post a setlist to you as we have it, and hopefully some video.

Glastonbury on BBC TV

Info, thanks to tricky6 over at doves board. You can watch doves performance from Glastonbury’s John Peel tent on BBC Three on Friday night from 10:30pm. Its a shared show with Bloc Party.

With a bit of luck we will have doves Glasto performance for you here also.

Glastonbury Festival Date Confirmed

Doves’ official site has today confirmed that the band will perform at this year’s Glastonbury Festival, on Friday June 26th… will be camped out at the Peel stage from Midday on the Friday to make sure we’re right at the front as the guys launch into ‘Jetstream’ as the sun sets on-site. Man, it’s going to be one helluva show!

To read the quote in it’s original context (and a short interview with Jez), click here.