Glastonbury Interview & Audio

To see this picture in much better quality and others like it, visit the BBC’s Glastonbury website here.

doves spoke to the Guardian’s Alex Needham yesterday, before taking the stage. You can listen to the rather hilarious interview here.

To settle the argument. We have it that doves have played Glastonbury seven times, including last night. Here’s what we have:

1998: New Bands Tent
1999: The Other Stage Opened
2000: New Bands Tent Headline
2002: Pryamid Stage late Friday afternoon
2003: The Other Stage Headline Sunday Night
2005: Pryamid Stage Friday Night
2009: John Peel Stage Headline Friday Night

All of doves performances except 1998, were broadcast by the BBC. Including last night’s performance:

Thanks to gibbo1968, here are ten tracks as aired live on BBC Radio. Video will follow over the coming days.

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