Lincoln Photos

BBC Lincolnshire has put up a wee gallay from the Lincoln Shed gig. Pictures were taken by Carl Spring.

The set played was the same as Leamington Spa with the encore starting with Northenden, confirmed by gristy over at doves board.

Also on the board, Baldilocks reports that a wee interview with the band done before the Leeds Cockpit gig will air next Monday on NME radio sometime between 7-11pm.

Next stop, the final hurrah tonight at Manchester Central! Should be an electric night. If your going along, have a great time!

Jimi Interview on XFM

Just a wee interview Jimi did earlier this evening, on XFM. You can download it here. Anyone from Leicester listening, sorry there is no gig there. Jimi meant Lincoln. 🙂

Absolute Radio Live Session

Doves will be performing a live session on Geoff Lloyd’s Hometime Show, to air next Tuesday December 8th at 7pm on Absolute Radio.

Also on Absolute Radio, Dave Gorman states on his twitter that he is to interview doves on Friday, no word on when this will air. But you can tweet him any questions you have for the band.

Aeroplane Interview

Thanks to Alan, for sending the link for this interview Aeroplane did, wich has a wee mention of Brazil, which apparently doves didn’t like..

The Doves remix they were kind of upset because there was a really cool guitar that was doing the whole track. We never even tought about keeping the guitar we just skipped to vocal.At the end the remix was completely different than original.That is not what they expected at all.But that is what makes us exciting about remixing

To read the full interview, visit

Otherwise, not too much going on in doves world. Tickets for the Ritz Dyslexia Awareness benefit gig are now only a fiver. See the new flyer on the right for details. I have got a couple goodies lined up for tomorrow.

Time Out Dubai Interview

Time Out Dubai recently spoke to Andy, about the upcoming appearance at Dubai’s Sound City festival. Its not the best article in truth, no prizes for guessing the glaring errors. But here’s some snippets about stalkers (!!), upcoming plans & playing with Camera Obscura.

The critics tend to agree, describing this year’s record, Kingdom of Rust, as ‘unmistakably better than its predecessors’. But while the musos like Doves, the celebrity rags don’t really know who they are. ‘People aren’t into us personally, which is fine,’ says Andy. ‘It’s sort of like we live by ourselves, we die by ourselves. If we wanted that kind of attention, we could go about getting it.’

But sometimes that attention comes anyway. Doves admit they aim to create music that expresses the emotions people find hard to put into words. And that causes some fans to get a little too attached to the band. ‘We did have a stalker a few years back,’ Andy reveals. ‘I can laugh about it now, but this guy started sending letters to my home address and – well, I won’t go into it.’

‘We’re talking of doing a “best of” album next year and a couple of new songs for that,’ he replies, swiftly switching back to the professional side of things. ‘Then we’ve got the UK tour in December and we’re talking about asking this band called Camera Obscura or a new guy called Bibio to support.’

To read the full article, click here.

Camera Obscura!! If that happens, what a line-up! One of the best bands out of Scotland in recent years. Their latest album My Maudlin Career is well worth checking out, even just for the song The Sweetest Thing.

New/Old? Andy Interview

Andy being interviewed by – Just posted to the site today. Andy chats about album tracklistings, the Manchester scene & doves luck. My Interview with Doves At Bestival

Jez speaking to

Canadian radio show/blogger Best In British Music Show With Tara O recently caught up with the band backstage at Bestival. The interview is a cracking listen. Topics raised include Andy’s wedding, Canada, John Peel, Electric Proms and life after Kingdom Of Rust.

To hear the interview and view all the pictures including some onstage snaps, click here.

You can follow TaraOmusicShow on Twitter

Jez: ‘You’ll have to wait until 2012 for our next album’

Once again Jez has spoke about the band’s plans for next year. As previously reported, a greatest hits album is in the works. Then he goes onto say don’t expect new doves til 2012..

“We’ve done four albums so next year, around January time, we are putting out a greatest hits collection. I know four albums isn’t masses but we have been around for ages because each album takes so long to write,” explained Jez Williams.

“We will have to start thinking about a fifth album after the greatest hits collection, but in all honesty, I doubt we’ll finish our fifth album until at least two or three years’ time.”

He added: “It makes me sick just thinking about it. That’s because I know it will be the start of two to three years of arguments. The thing about Doves is all three of us write each song. We’re a democracy, and we always have different input into each songs so it ends up taking ages. Expect a new Doves album in 2012.”

To read the full interview, which includes Jez talking about the Electric Proms gig, visit NME here.

Interesting reading, doesn’t surprise me to much. If you’ve followed doves long enough, you were not expecting a new album next summer. Next year should be good with the greatest hits album, which will presumably be toured a wee bit. They could have fun with that, as many bands have done with tours celebrating just the music. More later, gotta run to work..

Movie Soundtrack Next?

Gigwise recently conducted an interview with Jimi, who once again talks about the band’s desire to score a movie soundtrack.

“We need to shake things up by doing something…I don’t know what it’ll be,” he said.

“Scoring a film. We’re always saying that and no one seems to pick up on it, but we’d fucking love to score a film.”

When asked about their reasons for wanting to write a soundtrack, Goodwin replied: “We just always have.

“Hopefully you can hear it in your music. Everything is very filmic and we’ve often sampled many of the TV cop films of old.

“We’ve been doing that since we were in [former band] Sub Sub.”

To read the full article, click here.

As expected, tickets for the Electric Proms performance have sold out. Hope you all got the tickets you wanted.

Jimi Talks To Lamacq

As I reported last Friday, Steve Lamacq spoke to Jimi over the phone from Oyafest. Jimi talks about weeding the garden, Andy’s wedding & playing Electric Proms! Download the interview here.


Doves Lost Souls Interview

Andy Williams Cedar EP Interview


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