Walgreens Approve!

Who said doves haven’t quite made it in the US? It doesn’t get much better than walking into your local Walgreens (US version of Boots) and hearing Winter Hill being played over the store radio! It gets better.. Catch The Sun was playing in Sunset Foods Highland Park Illinois a few weeks back. It doesn’t get more exciting than that eh?

A band who’s music you probably wont hear at your local Walgreens is King Kong Ding Dong. Exactly! They are giving away their latest album at their website for free. Check out the first track Jample, stunning stuff. Though the vocals sound sorta familar.. The Cedar Room? Great album though.

Another band who like the Cedar Room is Exit Calm. So much so they use it as they walk on stage at their live shows. They have supported the likes of Soulsavers & The Charlatan’s recently. Debut album is out in April. Sign up to their website to get a free mp3.

Chicago Review & Photos

Photo by Kirstie Shanley at Venus Zine.

Venus Zine have posted a very positive review of the Chicago Vic Theater show:

Certainly, the band works very well together as a whole on stage. The backup vocals and catchy guitar rifts inspire compositions that can be bright and anthemic, even when the pedal effects create a beautiful distorted sense of reality. Friday night’s sold-out show at Chicago’s Vic Theater was no exception, and the layers and sense of texture the band brought out live were incredibly rich.

Further heightening the ethereality, the band used visual projections, which included a variety of scenes of Chicago, strips of endless road, and people dancing in a style somewhat reminiscent of the film director David Lynch. The effect was to create a sense of connection to the music as a whole versus the band members, who, at times, seemed to vanish into the backdrop.

To Read the full review & see more photos, click here.

Our friends at thabombshelter have posted a set of awesome photos of the Vic Theater show. To see the set, click here.