Stunning Opening Night

Doves kicked off their UK tour tonight in glorious fashion with a set full of surprises. Excuse the poor grammer or mistakes here as I type this out whilst using dodgy hotel tv internet & eating Hull’s finest chip buttie! You wouldn’t have thought on tonight’s show they haven’t played a full show in months.

For once I’m lost for words, so I will keep this brief, but will say they probably are playing the best they ever have. Cherry Ghost opened up with a storming set, They let slip the album would be out in July, catch them if you can cause they were brilliant, much better than I remember from 2007. If you want to see the setlist, click the comment as I know some of you regular readers want to be surprised. Next stop on the tor is Leicester tomorrow, until then…

Soundcheck at Hull gig

The first gig of best of doves tour will kick off tonight. At the soundcheck doves were playing ‘blue water’. This is gonna be an exciting gig!

Opening Night

So the tour opens tonight here in Hull at the posh looking City Hall. For those asking about set times etc, I have no idea sorry.. I have been internetless since leaving the US last week. Expect full details on the show later tonight. If your going along, have a great night.

Hull Promo

A promo piece that appeared in the Hull press today, thanks to richtdev for the heads up..

As Doves prepare to kickstart their “best of” Family tour at Hull City Hall, drummer Andy Williams sometimes finds it hard to believe the group are still going strong.

The twice Mercury Music Prize-nominated threesome rose out of the ashes of Manchester dance-heavy outfit Sub Sub, who scored a number three hit with their song Ain’t No Love (Ain’t No Use).

They decided to radically alter their sound after their studio burnt to the ground in 1996, emerging phoenix-like from the ashes as alt-rockers Doves.

Now, armed with a selection of their greatest hits and some of their older tunes, many of which have seldom –if ever –been played live, the group is heading out across the UK in celebration of its acclaimed four-album career.

Not sure where they got their info from, but it would be great to hear unplayed tracks like Your Shadow Lay Across My Life or Push Me On alongside the obvious Best Of picks.

Have your say in what you want to hear live on the tour at Doves official forum here.