house of mirros

One Year

Blog Birthday cake with thanks to MS Painter!

The blog is celebrating one year online! Actually it was a year to the day yesterday I made the first post, but I forgot about it!!

In other news, Keep your eye for a ad featuring House Of Mirrors on Sky One in the UK. No more best of news as yet, shouldn’t be too long now. A new single is on the way apparently. Pre-orders for the album has appeared on several more music stores outside the UK. Edit: It seems as if Astralwerks will be releasing the album in North America. More as I have it!

Leeds Cockpit Setlist

Photo of the setlist taken by Madeleine. Spaceface was not played. Also featured is a really big poster, Jimi’s drumstick & a guitar pick from Jez. Nice one! :)

House of Mirrors makes it’s live debut. Where We’re Calling From returns to open the set, just like it did back in 2005. The band move onto Lincoln tomorrow night (Tuesday).