hot press

Hot Air!

So that Hot Press yesterday had allot of us going. But fear not as Andy has had his say over at the official forum..

I’d just like to reassure you all that we’re definitely not splitting up & this is definitely
not our farewell tour!!

So there you have it! Great news, though that was quite the jump made by Hot Press! I doubt this blog will be flagging up any further “news” from that lot again.

To read the rest of what Andy had to say about the article and what doves are doing right now, head over to the official forum.

Cherry Ghost For UK Tour

Some good news today! Its been confirmed Cherry Ghost will be supporting doves on the UK tour in April/May. Cherry Ghost who have a new album in the pipeline due sometime in the summer are fantastic live, this is welcomed news as far I’m concerned. Well worth checking out if you are seeing a show.

Check out Cherry Ghost at MySpace.

Hot Press Interview & Bestival

doves at Bestival

Short recap of doves at Bestival found at strangeglue.

Performances of their much-admired tracks “Black And White Town” and “Kingdom Of Rust”. bought the band a lot of favour from the crowd as the sun began to wane on the sky. It’s good to know that the trio, who celebrate their 25th anniversary next year, have still got it. Pay heed MGMT.

Thanks to Brian, who let me know that a doves interview is featured in the current issue of Hot Press. Anyone able to send me a scan so I can post it for all to see?