Listen Again To FM94/9 Interview

San Diego radio station FM94/9 has uploaded Jimi’s interview with DJ Amanda at her blog.

Click here to visit Amanda’s blog and listen to the interview.

p.s. Amanda, if you’re reading this, it’s us whom you are following on Twitter, not the band!

Live on FM94/9 Tonight!

Doves will be co-hosting FM94/9’s big sonic chill tonight straight after the show at the House Of Blues, which is presented by FM94/9. You can listen to doves doing a spot of overtime live. Just visit the FM94/9 website, then hit listen live. The show starts at 9m, doves will obviously be on stage at that time. So expect doves anytime after 11pm or so.

EDIT: Jimi popped into the FM94/9 studio’s this afternoon for a brief chat. doves will be on the big sonic chill at midnight tonight! Damn, I hope that overtime rate of pay is good. ;)