Jimi Interviewed For Epilogue Magazine

Online culture magazine, Epilogue, this week features a lengthy and illuminating interview with Jimi.

There’s so many great tidbits in this interview, such as: Jimi wanting to host “mix tapes” at Doves’ official site, but being unable to do so, due to copyright restrictions; and how touring the U.S. actually loses them money…

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Do you think more bands will do the Radiohead, In Rainbows style of release?
I keep hearing that and that people will only put out singles from now on. A lot of bands get to a certain situation now, where the only time they can make any money is by touring. We come out to America, and we might even be paying out of our own pocket by 5-$10,000, just to come and play. You don’t get any tour support anymore. We obviously try to limit that to happening as least as possible because we have families and everything. There is a cutoff point where I am like, “We can not afford to do this.”

But then, it is better when you are playing in England.
Yeah that’s the only place where we can get a little bit of a wage so to speak.

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