Just a quick note to point out the blog now has a much easier to remember domain name. We are now You don’t have to do a thing, google does all the work for you. Just wanted to put that out there.

Its been a pleasure serving for the past few weeks. But the wait is over. The new official doves website is now online. Go take a look at new


Hi There,

Welcome to! The aim of this blog is to document and archive doves in 2009 as they promote their new album Kingdom of Rust. I will post the best press reviews, audio, video & pictures. I will also revisit the past and upload some archive footage of doves (Sub Sub etc) from the past decade and beyond.

Please note: I will not be uploading any audio or video that can be purchased. So please do not ask me for something you can find at your local record store, itunes etc. I will however post up some rare deleted stuff.

Otherwise if you have any requests, suggestions just drop me a line.