Exit Calm

Whilst all is calm in Doves world at the moment, its a good time to highlight another band not called Doves. Tomorrow see’s the release of the debut album by Barnsley’s finest Exit Calm. Obviously fans of Doves themselves, they have been walking onto the live stage to the sound of The Cedar Room.

Here is what Drowned In Sound are saying about the record:

at its peak, Exit Calm soars with a grace and panache that simply leaves its peers on both sides of the Atlantic for dead. With one foot in the shoegaze camp and the other firmly entrenched in post-rock’s elegant stupor, Exit Calm have a tendency to mesmerise and astound in equal measure. The opening six-minute epic that is ‘You’ve Got It All Wrong’ may be the most dazzling, hairs-standing-on-the-back-of-the-neck introduction to a record since Interpol’s ‘Untitled’ or even ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ before it. Rob Marshall’s signature guitar sound may echo that of Nick McCabe circa A Storm In Heaven in part, but there’s an incessant virtuosity abound here that lifts the opener, ‘We’re On Our Own’ and forthcoming single ‘Hearts And Minds’ onto another plane all of its own making.

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Well worth checking out. Released on the Club AC30 label. You can see Exit Calm play on the same stage as Doves at Kendal Calling & Hartlepool’s Tall Ships festival.

Exit Calm Official website, MySpace, Facebook

Doves Almost Never Flew

Doves spoke to the Sun about the upcoming headline set at Glastonbury. Its an interesting watch, with Jimi admitting the band almost called it a day after their debut performance at Glastonbury back in 1998.

After a shambolic appearance at Glastonbury in 1998, the boys nearly split up following their first festival.

Frontman JIMI GOODWIN said: “We came home with the worst hangover and we just got the horrors.

“We had a meeting in the pub… It was ridiculous.

“We’d not even put out our first single and after all the hardship of SUB SUB (their former band) and all of the ups and downs, we come home from Glastonbury with a bit of a hangover and decide before we’ve even put anything out to split up!”

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