The Man Who Told Everything Live

Thanks to John for sending in the above video of Doves performing the rarely heard The Man Who Told Everything in Bradford. Whilst the video is not the best you will ever see, the audio is excellent. Cheers John! Good to hear this one done live again.

Whilst I’m at it.. check out this cover version of the same track. Very cool!

This reminds of a conversation I had in the UK, somebody suggested that maybe we should put together an album of Doves covers done by fans. So if you think you would be interested in doing a Doves cover then let me know. It would not be for profit.. Either it would be a free download album or I could look into possibly going in with a charity where we could put up a donation link so any money goes straight to them. So if there is any interest, give me a shout at You don’t need to submit anything right away, just let me know if you would like to submit a track for the lp. Then we can look into deadline and all that stuff asuming there is enough songs..

PS: My favourite fan cover of any song: The Who’s Baba O’Riley on piano.

Words Covered By School Kids

Just play, It wont fail to bring a smile to your face! :)

Cherry Ghost Covering Doves

Old school but very cool all the same. Whilst we wait for some new doves material, do check out new Cherry Ghost at their myspace page for new tunes. Beneath This Burning Shoreline is particularly good.

Here It Comes Cover

Check out this interesting cover of Here It Comes. Not bad. I do like the “jimi” bit.