Last week I posted a low quality vinyl rip of the Sub Sub track Senna from the Angel 12″ vinyl. I asked if anyone had a better quality version, and you came out trumps..

Ally wrote letting me know that Senna was also featured on the German CD single release. This I did not know of! Hope to track down a copy of this someday soon (if anyone has a copy they would be willing to sell email me). So..

With many many thanks to Ally, I can offer up Senna taken from the CD single..

Lost Sub Sub Gem: Senna

Ever since starting this blog back in Febuary, the most requests I get is for music from doves previous incarnation Sub Sub. Up for download today is a track long forgotten about…

I have offered up the Coast EP previously, just do a search to find that in the archives. Related to Coast is a track titled Senna which was featured on the Angel 12″ double pack in 1994. Senna is an early alternate version of Coast, which was retitled as a tribute to Ayrton Senna.

Please note the quality of this rip is really bad! But as this track has been requested so often, I will offer up this poor quality mp3, straight from my own vinyl so you can at least get a sample of this track. If anyone wants to offer up a better quality mp3, I’d love to hear from you!



Coast EP

Dan, via the comments box has suggested a track I should upload. The track being Senna from the Angel 12″. I have this vinyl. sadly it is 4000 miles away in storage. So if anyone is able to rip this track and is willing to share. Leave a comment or drop me a line at

Failing that. When I’m back in the UK, I will bring this back with me and share. I’m also on the look out for the Todd Terry Spaceface remixes and good bitrate versions of the Lost Souls demo tracks Analog Bass & Blues Tune. I have lower bitrate versions I’m willing to share, but I would much prefer to share better quality versions. Thanks!

Here is a Sub Sub EP I can share right now..

Coast 12″ EP