abbey road

Live from Abbey Road On Sundance Channel

If you are in the USA, you will be able to see the Live From Abbey Road tv show featuring doves next month. The show will air on the Sundance Channel April 9th at 8pm EST. I know if you have RCN you will be able to watch the show when you want on demand after the show has aired.

The show was previously aired in the UK last November. Its a good watch if you haven’t already seen it.

Cheers to Rob doves number one fan for the heads up!

Live From Abbey Road Video

Video uploaded to the blog youtube, featuring doves looking around Abbey Road and performing a stunning version of 10.03. Also broadcast were Winter Hill & The Greatest Denier.

Requests – anyone got video from Reading 2003 or Rock AM Ring 2002 they would be willing to share on youtube? Used to have these, would love to see them again. Next up will be some footage from Rock AM Ring 2005.

Live From Abbey Road

Doves recently recorded a live session at Abbey Road. The session will be aired on Channel Four as part of the Live From Abbey Road TV series. Doves appear alongside Noisettes and Lyle Lovett to be aired November 7th.