10 Years!

10 years ago today Doves Music Blog was born! The first ‘intro’ post came a few days later on Feb 16th 09. I initially set up the blog to last through the year, or for however long the band would tour and promote Kingdom of Rust. I had recently moved to the USA in 2008 from the UK, the recession had hit so without a job and time on my hands, DMB was one of the projects I set up to keep myself busy..

Its been quite the ride these past 10 years, obviously quite lean in terms of Doves activity, though the first couple years were quite active as the site documented the band from Kingdom of Rust through to the last show in 2010. Then the site and its twitter handle helped the band connect with their fans with the ‘solo’ projects whilst Doves was on a hiatus.

Too many names to mention but I couldn’t have done this without encouragement from the band, the fans that kept the faith and followed the band through their solo work. Justin who was a big part of the early days for the website and the twitter account!

I almost took the site down last year, busy with other projects/life and really I had let the site go a bit once the solo activity died down. I toyed with the idea that the site could live on in social media. It then occurred to me the Cedar EP would be turning 20 years old later in the year and so that idea was something worth keeping the site online for! Just as well I did as the news of the band ‘reforming’ soon followed.

Apologies I didn’t mean to write so much! If your still awake, I like the rest of you cannot wait to see the band return live next month! It promises to be an epic time.