Blackpool Empress 2004

Whilst the band continue to reminisce on social media, here’s my entry. Another one for the ‘best Doves gigs’ catalog. This time its the Blackpool Empress Ballroom gig from 2004, the last of a trio of shows pre-xmas the band did to preview material from the upcoming new album Some Cities.

Fans came from far and wide for this one. In kind Doves treated fans to new tracks such as Snowden, Ambition and Black and White Town. A rare outing for Darker went down a storm! I recall Pounding being especially good this night!

Black and White Town was released as a digital download a few days prior to this gig. I recall being a bit peeved at having to join the digital revolution to be able to hear the new track! An ipod swiftly followed. Here’s some pictures I took on the night..