Thank You!

Apologies its taken me so long to do so, but many thanks to Gibbo & Darren O’Toole for allowing me to use their photos for the new website header! Gibbo’s photo above was the inspiration. James Bimson did some photo wizardry, I loved it and I thought Darren’s photo’s of Andy & Jimi complemented Gibbo’s Jez pic rather nicely. Thank you chaps!

Several of you have been asking about Echoes in the Alleyway. The site is now live again. Of course with it being over 8 years old, many of the links are no longer active but the music is still there! The album raised over £1800 for the Teenage Cancer Trust. I think its quite fitting the site is live again, just a few months before Doves perform at the Royal Albert Hall for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Visit: Echoes in the Alleyway

Going through the archives, below is my ticket from the 2003 Royal Albert Hall show. It may have been 16 years ago but my memory of the show is still quite vivid. Listening back to the show again recently, Doves rose to the occasion as they sounded great live that night, it still stands as one of their finest live shows. Openers Asian Dub Foundation didn’t really go over well. Unlisted on the ticket, but the first opener was Doves own Rebelski, it may have been his first live performance? He was joined on stage by Jimi & members of Beats For Beginners and I also seem to recall John Paul Jones?

Not that I’m counting or anything, but apparently its only 78 days til we’re back at the Royal Albert Hall! Roll on..