The rather late Glasto report! Apologies for that, call it an act of god or whatever.. the panic tree paid DMB hq a visit this past weekend. Anyhow.. Jimi performed at Glasto last Friday. Forum regular Gibbo was in attendance, so a big thanks to him for these snaps..


Jimiglasto1 Jimiglasto2 Jimiglasto3 Jimiglasto4




As you probably know by now Jimi’s set was cut short by a electrical storm. However Jimi did come back out to do one more number…

The TV broadcast is still available to watch via the beeb iPlayer. A cracking watch, nice to see how the band have evolved since the last time I saw them at the 6 music fest.

In other news Jimi’s second single Live Like A River is out now on 12″ vinyl & digital download. Get the vinyl at yer proper record shop (I know  piccadilly have it) or from Heavenly Records. The Heavenly purchase gives you access to a free download of the digital bundle which features a bonus Oh! Whiskey remix.

and finally, to the bloke at New Order last night in Chicago wearing a Doves shirt, nice chatting to you mate! Maybe cya in Milwaukee tonight? Sorry I didn’t get yer name.