Jimi Goodwin: ‘Doves haven’t split up’

I’m not being evasive, that’s the truth. We’ve been in a band together since we were 15 or 16 and we needed a break,” he said. “23 years or so is a long time, so we just need time to recharge and get inspired again. We didn’t announce a split because we haven’t split up. Why say it if we don’t mean it? I understand saying it in haste, but just say you’re having a break if you’re having a break. We’re living life and getting some more experience before writing some new songs.

That’s Jimi’s reaction to being asked by the NME about the future of Doves. Jimi speaks to the NME at length in the latest edition about the lp and all that good stuff. I cant post it on here, though you may find the scan at Doves forum if you want to read the whole thing.

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