Introducing Sub Doves

Sub Doves are as far as I’m aware the first ever Doves Tribute band! They are based in the North West of England where they hope to play their first gig very soon. Their website is now live complete with band pictures (without the keyboardist of course!) but I’m told he will be in future photo shoots. They will soon have a  live performance video up, so keep your eye open for that! From their biography:

Why have we set up a Doves Tribute Band?

Doves are one of my favorite bands ever. They epitimise the talent of the North West music scene with their diverse and unique style of sheer brilliance. What better way to pay tribute to them, than by playing their superb music!

We are all missing them terribly and if we can play their songs, it will fill the void for us, until they bring out their next masterpiece album and start touring again…..guess who will be at the front of that next first gig?

I have collaborated with three excellent musicians to make sure we do Doves music justice. Two are from an excellent up and coming Band called Watershed and the keyboard player is one of the best keys players in the North West.

We will have more on Sub Doves over the coming weeks & months!

Link: Sub Doves

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