Ghosts Night Out Videos

Jimi and his Bird Effect Ensemble playing a new track called Didsbury Girl. Lovely track, hope to hear more of that!

Another new Jimi track, this one The Panic Tree which was played on the Jo Whiley BBC show the other week.

Videos by Kenny a regular at the forum. Kenny also went along advertising Doves music blog, which apparently got the thumbs up from Jimi! Cheers Kenny!

Sounds like Ghosts Night Out was a great success. Of course the Ensemble also performed the Bird Effect theme in full, probably a bit too much to expect anyone recorded all 12 minutes of that on their camera!! has a couple shots up here.

For those who got in early enough were treated to a performance by Phil Daniels! Thanks to Mila for the info, who took her 14 year old son along to the performance, which ties in with something he is doing for his arts award and music scheme. Good luck with that!

Looking forward to hearing more bird music and of course more from Jimi’s solo record which sounds promising at this early stage.

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