The Bird Effect

Here is an update from Jimi on what he is currently working on:


Im involved in the below exhibition in Liverpool
Im currently writing the music for a documentary called The Bird Effect. Directed by my good friend Ceri Levy.
I will be performing one of the pieces on Friday 20th May around 7pm at The Ghosts of gone birds exhibition in the theatre of the Liverpool School of Art and Design.

Very best to y’all


For more info on the exhibition:

Ghosts of Gone Birds

We’re taking over the Liverpool School of Art & Design with established artists, like Ralph Steadman, Jamie Hewlett, Billy Childish, Charming Baker, Kai & Sunny, Olly & Suzi and Marcus Coates all creating their own particularly unique artistic memorials to the birds we have lost over the last two centuries. As well as paintings, sculptures and installations, there will be talks, poetry and live performances. The show will raise money and awareness for BirdLife International’s Preventing Extinctions Programme (

You can get project updates by following the Ghosts of Gone Birds facebook page and twitter feed.

For more info on the Liverpool exhibition, visit the facebook event page.

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