Launch Magazine

Here is one for the train spotters! I’m currently re-doing the site discography, just got to the ‘Doves also appears on’ section…

You may recall the now defunct music mag Launch from the late 90s/early naughties. They would send CD-Roms to subscribers.. one of which, issue number 53 features Doves. The CD-Rom includes a video of Doves performing an acoustic version of N.Y. (see video below) as well as interviews with all the band and a bonus audio track N.Y. (live).

Anyhow, point is if anyone has this CD-Rom please do get in touch as I’m looking for a copy of the cover, and any other relevant information about the release.

Thank you to Dave Weiss for reminding me of this release a wee while back.

Also check out the Launch interview below. I’m guessing this was recorded during Doves first North American tour.

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