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A wee piece on Echoes in the Alleyway in today’s Guardian.

Click to Download: From Daytrotter to Doves

It’s always nice when something actually comes of an idea fuelled by drunken optimism in a late-night bar. That was the genesis of a new tribute album to brooding Mancuncian rockers Doves, released online this week. Some fans of the band had the idea following a Doves show in April, and soon found that other Doves lovers from around the world wanted to take part. The result is the very listenable 25-track album Echoes in the Alleyway. Given that it has been made by fans, it’s not surprising that several of the songs sound like the work of Doves tribute acts (albeit very proficient ones). As ever with covers, though, the best are those that bring something different to the track, particularly a newly twanging M62 Song by North Carolina’s Honored Guests and a gorgeous piano/female vocals take on Melody Calls by 18-year-old Brazilian Alambradas. Download the album from in return for a voluntary donation to Teenage Cancer Trust.

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