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First off a review from virtualfestivals.com

We return to the bowels of the rainy city of Manchester for the swan song of acclaimed Mancunian trio, Doves.
Packed like intestines into the arched innards beneath Manchester Piccadilly railway station – a skeletal, red-bricked structure, masquerading as the city’s finest venue by night, then transforming itself back to a car park for our nations commuters by Monday morning –the crowd’s aspirations run high in the knowledge that tonight could bare witness to the final broadcast of Doves.

It’s 1am and Doves arrive on a stage adorned by the most fantastic visuals on multiple screens behind them. Jez and Andy   on guitar and drums send sounds echoing around the building and up into the station above as Jimi’s basslines thunder across the adjacent cobbled roads and back again drenching this loving thrall with his vocal melodies as they break out ‘Cedar Room’, the crowd sing every word.

Continuing with ‘There Goes The Fear’ and most of the songs from last years release ‘Kingdom Of Rust’ and this year’s compilation ‘The Places Between’. Jez acknowledges the people stood under the arches who can’t quite see the band in full are getting a “rough deal” and plays for them as Jimi says, “stage invasion later? I am cordially inviting you.” Much to the dismay of the guitarist and the stage manager

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Gibbo took some cracking videos at the gig. Here’s one of Here It Comes, though beware maybe not quite work safe, as there are a few choice words from a scouser ;) Though probably nothing new these days! :) Gibbo also got Caught By The River & Rise.

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