OMD History Of Modern

No Doves news here sorry, nothing to report just yet!

Good things comes to those who wait! …The first music group I fell in love with return with their first album in 14 years! OMD release History Of Modern in Europe today, with a US release due next week. Admittedly their output after 1983’s Dazzle Ships was patchy at best!They lost the plot as they admit themselves, though I must admit I loved their late 80s hits! Though you can’t beat 1981’s Architecture and Morality my all-time favourite album.

The comeback single isn’t the best in truth. But do check out the album for new OMD classics such as New Holy Ground, Bondage of Fate, History Of Modern (both parts!), RFWK (letter to Kraftwerk) and this one… The Right Side – Kraftwerk’s Europe Endless meets Neon Lights, OMD are not supposed to sound this good after so many years.

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