Scotsman Oran Mor Review

A review of Thursday’s Glasgow Oran mor acoustic show in todays Scotman newspaper.


IF DOVES are known for anything, it is for their heart-tugging epic soundscapes, a trait they share with their fellow modest Mancunians Elbow.

So how would they fare in a stripped-back setting for the inaugural outing of the Miller Filtered Music mini-season of intimate gigs, which purport to “filter out the unnecessary” from live performance (the sponsor’s way of describing an acoustic show, one presumes)?

Doves are hardly the most dynamic performers anyway, so a sedentary unplugged gig did not prove too much of a handicap. If anything, the set-up threw their aching melodies into relief.

While they were in mellow mood, they wisped through a cover of Willow’s Song from the Wicker Man soundtrack, with Jimi Goodwin hoping nobody would notice that he was a middle-aged meat-and-potatoes indiebloke singing the part of a sylph-like soprano.

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Not too much video around of the show at the moment. Though the promoter Filtered music are saying over at facebook, that official video will be posted soon! Here’s a good one of a slowed down version of Black And White Town..

If you have video to share, give me a shout using the email addy at the bottom of the site cheers!

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