Ben & Jerry’s Review

I reckon this reviewer is a Doves a fan..

So that just left the Doves. Who in a word were as always – fantastic. We’d even go a step further and say that they may just be the best band playing live in the UK right now…and whether you agree or not is besides the point as Clapham Common bounced, sang and beamed along with the Manchester trio.

Their set contained quality track after quality track, spanning their history and delighting in massive amounts. ‘Pounding‘ and ‘Kingdom of Rust’ rocked, as Jez’s vocals cut deep coaxing out the goose pimples with ease. But ‘There Goes The Fear’ remains one’s favourite tracks of all time; ensuring our voices were well and truly gone by the end of the evening. Though it wasn’t anything that more free ice cream couldn’t heal!

Words by Matt Hamm

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