Doves Fantasy Premier League

With the football season just a few weeks away, it’s that time again for fantasy football. Once again doves board regular teps has set up a doves league at the official Fantasy Premier League competition.

For those of you who have taken part in the Fantasy Premier League before and know the drill. doves league code is 272370-72607.

If you have never taken part. You need to sign up at the Fantasy Premier League here, its completely free! Give your team a name, pick 15 players costing no more than £100 million. You cannot pick more than three players from one club. Once you have your team picked, on the left nav menu click the leagues option, then hit create/join. There you will see a box where you enter this code 272370-72607 then hit join private league. Your all done! You can laugh at other team names, crap team selections etc.

Thanks again Teps! Should be allot of fun.

Good luck!

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