Dubai Sound City

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And we’re back! Refreshed after a wee break away. Expect regular updates as per usual. Not too much to report since the last update. A special DJ set later this month has been announced for the Manchester Ritz. See news item above for full details.

The band did perform at the Dubai Sound City Festival late last week. It seems as if doves were one of the few bands who bothered to turn up, judging by the reviews. Time out said..

highlights were Doves, who battled a bass-heavy speaker system to deliver their best tunes.

Clash Music says:

The Irish Village is pretty packed by the time Doves take to the stage and there’s a new vibe about the place. The buzz has finally arrived, the beer is flowing and it’s still gloriously warm.

‘Cease The Day’ gets a huge reaction, and one that’s deserved, as does ‘Kingdom of Rust’, played in front of a big screen showing images of London just to make everyone feel a little homesick. But it’s ‘Black and White Town’ and ‘There Goes The Fear’ that are the real highlights.

Doves will return to the live stage next month for a short UK tour, which should be announced soon. If you emailed me whilst I was away, I will reply. Just give me a couple of days to catch up with everything.

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