Piccadilly Records

Whilst browsing Piccadilly Records, I noticed they have started up their own blog. Check them out, one of the best record stores still standing! Whilst I will be missing the Electric Proms gig later this month by only a few days on my return to the UK on Holiday (I moved to Chicago last year) I shall take the consolation prize of visiting one of my favourite record stores (along with Beatin’ Rhythm) for the first time in ages. My favourite local record store back in my hometown sadly closed down a few years ago. Chicago still has a few decent independent stores still standing, though I do wonder how long they have left.

Doves play a show this Friday in Hatfield to open up the new students union music venue at the University of Herfordshire. Tickets are still available at the usual outlets, though are expected to sellout. As always, if you are attending, would love to hear from you with photos/setlist/review whatever you have.

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