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If there’s a better band than Doves in Nottingham all this week I’ll abseil naked down Nottingham Castle

I’ve had tons of requests for live doves from 2002. So here is a gig from Nottingham’s Rock City, the band did for Radio One’s “One Live In Nottingham”. The band had just returned from Paris playing in front of 170 odd people, so they seemed quite chuffed to be playing a packed out Rock City. I was at this gig myself, it was a brilliant night.

Earlier in the day, I was lucky enough to attend a open session interview the band did live on Radio One with Jo Whiley. The interview is still archived on the BBC site here. Some interesting questions about Sub Sub, chosing doves as the band name, the videos and more. Check out the awesome quality, so 2002!

Here’s a BBC One review of the show:

Matt Bingham: “Doves took the roof off with what can only be described as a blinding set. By the encore I was ready to kneel down and pay homage at the feet of one of the best live bands around. If there’s a better band live in Nottingham all this week I’ll abseil naked down Nottingham Castle.”

BBC Nottingham Review of the show:

After an introduction from a scrawny Steve ‘Lurpack‘, The Doves (with Jimi pulling funny faces and looking suave in blazer and jeans) strolled onto a glowing red and purple stage, and after a small technical hiccup, began with ‘Pounding’.

The four of them looked quite at home up there, in front of their backdrop of a huge video screen, which, during the course of the night, probably played every video they’ve ever done.

Candy cane coloured lights (very white stripes!) shone into the crowd during ‘There goes the fear’, which got almost half the crowd jumping away madly.

Halfway through the track, Jimi suddenly swapped his microphone for a small drum kit and together with the drummer, they belted out a stomping rhythm.

Bright green neon lights lead into ‘Sea song’, which comprised the mesmerising backdrop of a surf video, and Jez’s wailing vocals.

Jimi tells us they’ve just played to a minuscule 174 people in France, and that ‘this place is ****** jammed – it’s quite refreshing‘!’.

‘Rise‘, ‘Words’ and ‘NY’ followed, and then, to a clapping crowd, a rendition of ‘Satellites‘.

To read the full review click here.

The BBC did not air the full show. Notablely they cut out the Cedar Room & Spaceface among others. To download to the show, click here.

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  1. Steven Bladt says:

    I recorded the rebroadcast last night on bbc 6 music. It’s recorded from the high quality stream at 320 kbps. Some 55 minutes. Let me know if you’re interested.

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