Detroit Review

Photo by Media Junkie

Setlist same as Chicago the night before

Media Junkie blog has posted a very positive review of the Detroit show. It was the writer’s first doves show:

Of course, the highlight of the evening was the main event. Coming out to a video of airplanes flying overhead, Doves kicked off their set in the same way their newest album begins with “Jetstream”. Guitarist Jez Williams, twin brother of drummer Andy, and bassist/co-lead singer Jimi Goodwin both sounded fantastic, and the sound at the Majestic carried out over the audience and into the high ceiling clearly.

Unfortunately, being as unfamiliar with their earlier work as I was, I was unable to keep any semblance of an accurate setlist. I can only list several of the songs they played, including “The Outsiders”, “The Greatest Denier” (my personal favorite track from Kingdom of Rust), and several others from the new record.

To read the full review and see the rest of the pictures, click here.

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