Sasquatch Setlist

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Doves 2005 record, “Some Cities,” was one of my favorite albums that year and I had heard nothing but good things about the live sets by this Brit-pop band so I was excited and curious to hear what they were going to offer up on the main stage. I wasn’t disappointed as Doves definitely is a band that has to be seen live. Their sound becomes more full, loud and really downright impressively impactful in a live setting.

However, while they did sound great The Gorge setting didn’t seem like the right way to get the full effect of Doves’ live show. They would be better off playing KeyArena (a la Muse) than an outdoor set in the middle of the day. Unfortunately, Doves don’t make it stateside often and they played the Crocodile a few days before Sasquacth! so it looks it’ll probably be a while before they come back to town.

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