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Here are some of the reviews coming out from doves short performance at today’s Sasquatch.

Doves played a majestic set on the main stage that wrapped up just a few minutes ago. Their songs are pleasant, yet rocking. The crowd seems seems to be enjoying the tunes and the energy feels like everyone is warming up to the idea of 3 days of blistering heat–by the way, it’s really hot here–especially for those of us more accustomed to rain and clouds than full sun. Sunscreen and skin are everywhere you look and there is much vitamin D being created. Gonna go run and catch Dent May!

I love Doves, and I’m really glad they came out of their hiding place and put out a new album this year (I blame them for all the British accents I keep hearing everywhere), but they’re another one of those pop bands that you’ll only enjoy live if you’re already in love with their music. Someone who just walked up to the band’s set probably wouldn’t have found anything remarkable about these self-designated “fucking Limeys,” but they are remarkable. You just need to get to know them. I promise.

Doves Set Tone For Big Names To Follow

By Jeremy Dutton

I’ve been into the Doves since their masterpiece: 2002’s “Last Broadcast.” They just finished a great set that included “Kingdom of Rust” and fan favorite “There Goes the Fear Again. They set the bar pretty high for the rest of the night. Although I’m sure someone can do little better in the rapport department. In addition to calling concert attendees “limey f***s.” they also begged the question of “What the f*** is a corndog?” and “What’s with the stick?” Silly Brits.

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