Review Of Rock City, Nottingham Show

Drowned In Sound, have today posted a review of Doves recent show at Nottingham’s Rock City venue.

Drowned In Sound

What is apparent with Doves current live show is the way the new songs glide almost effortlessly into the set with the minimum of fuss, as if they had always been there. ‘Jetstream’ could be their epitaph if they ever were to call it a day, its five minutes of sonic escapism flitting from atmospheric Eno trajectories into anthemic krautrock at the switch of a lyric, while ‘Winter Hill’ and ‘The Outsiders’ fuse acid house reared grooves and laid back reverb drenched rhythms with a sense of muted ambivalence that becomes even more apparent during the latter’s us-against-the-world battle cry. Add to that ‘Compulsion’, which transforms the Spencer Davis Group’s ‘I’m A Man’ into a 21st Century liturgy and you can see why many of these more recent compositions are undeniable highlights of the evening.

To read the full review, click here.

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