Swindon Review

The Swindon Advertiser has reviewed doves performance at today’s Radio One’s Big Weekend:

THE Doves were given the bird after being introduced on stage by of all things, a chicken – or maybe it was dove!

For fans of Doves, this was a wonderful showcase where they played many of their favourite songs, however the audience at the In New Music We Trust stage filtered away at the end, as news reached that Kasabian were playing on the main stage.

Doves ended their set with a percussion performance which provided a lively finish.

Doves were formed after brothers Jez and Andy Williams met their long lost schoolmate Jimi Goodwin on a lost weekend in the Hacienda, and did the decent thing… they formed a band! Their brand of music was very much like Coldplay and Travis.

James Williams, 18, from Lancaster, said: “The Doves are bloomin’ awesome. I have seen them three times before and whenever I hear them live they always steal the show.”

His girlfriend, Chloe Ronson, 17, from Pinehurst, was celebrating her birthday. “This was the best birthday present I could have received.

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