Archive: Xfm Radio, Doves Residency

Jimi and Andy of Doves recently hosted their own show for Xfm Radio in the U.K., playing an hour of their favourite music, every Sunday during the month of April.

Due to copyright restrictions, we were unable to record, upload and share these shows.

However, after a bit of investigation, it’s become apparent that the shows are available to download directly from Xfm’s third-party servers.

Here are the direct links to Xfm’s archives:

Doves Xfm Residency, Week One
Doves Xfm Residency, Week Two
Doves Xfm Residency, Week Three
Doves Xfm Residency, Week Four

Windows users should right-click the links and choose ‘Save As’.

Note that they’re not playing their own records!

To reiterate, we have not copied or distributed these shows elsewhere. These links point directly towards files which are publically accessible via Xfm’s own archives.

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