Manchester Review

The Manchester Evening News have given last night’s show at the Academy the thumbs up:

Their fourth album, the excellent Kingdom of Rust, doesn’t reinvent Doves into something unrecognisable, but it certainly broadens their musical horizons and as ever, live, every moment is sonically enhanced into something epic and communal.

This is no more evident than on opener Jetstream. It’s always been palpable, but never before have Doves so eagerly recalled their early Hacienda influences and the result is a wonderful amalgamation of throbbing bass, subtle Krautrock ticks and shimmering guitars that soar majestically.

Highlights keep coming. Winter Hill may have a guitar lick reminiscent of U2 (there, I said it) but it is a trademark Doves favourite in waiting.

To read the full review, click here.

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