Doves in Scotland Reviews

Here are some reviews that have popped up for the Glasgow & Edinburgh shows.

A good slab of lazy journalism for you. Here’s the Scotman’s take on the Glasgow Barras show:

Inevitably, it came down to the airing of a handful of old favourites to relieve the monotony. The appropriately named Pounding caused euphoria in the crowd, as did Black And White Town, propelled along by its infectious rhythm, shamelessly borrowed from Martha & the Vandellas’ Heatwave.

To waste 2 minutes of your life, click here to read the rest of it.

The Scotsman have also posted a review of the edinburgh show:

Flawless renditions of old classics like Here It Comes, There Goes The Fear and The Last Broadcast followed, while much of the new material aired had a Sub Sub-esque groove reminiscent of the days before they fluttered away from dance music into the more guitar-based Doves.

To read the full review, click here.

Note: Doves did not play Here it Comes in Edinburgh. Just goes to show these journos do not attend these shows!

Here are some reader reviews, also featured in the Scotsman for the Edinburgh show.

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