Review Round-Up #11

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Kingdom of Rust by Doves

At last, Doves return with their first album in four long years, Kingdom of Rust ($14)—and trust us when we say that it was worth the wait. If you liked the British trio’s previous work, there’s nothing you won’t love here. The album is rich with brooding vocals, intense guitar riffs and songs that stick. Unfamiliar? Think U2 or Coldplay and you’ve got a starting point. Stand-outs include “Compulsion,” “House of Mirrors,” and the title track.

Live, Album Review:


The band’s on far surer footing when it doesn’t deviate from the classic Doves sound. It’s not surprising that the first single is the title track, with its wonderfully gloomy, country-style shuffle and chiming, bell-like flourishes. My other favorite, and hopeful contender for second single, is “Winter Hill,” a nice little rocker with a psychedelic whirlwind of a middle section.”

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NYLON Mag Online, ‘The Outsiders’ Review:

NYLON Mag Online

Doves –The Outsiders

Doves ain’t a sexy band (blokey, beardy and almost certainly a little bit bald…), but they’re a bloody good one. Like Elbow, they’ve been grafting in the Brit-rock gutter watching mates like Coldplay rob all their best ideas and bag all the awards, money and Hollywood wives for nearly a decade now. Do the right thing and actually go and buy new album Kingdom of Rust after you’ve checked this tune out on myspace. – because man cannot live by critical acclaim alone.

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