Review Round-Up #9

A couple more reviews.

Incidentally, that awful Associated Press review I posted yesterday appears to have been syndicated on nearly every North American news site…

Diamondback Online, Album Review:

Diamondback Online

“Spellbound” perfectly melds The Bends-era Radiohead and the soaring atmospherics of Coldplay. An acoustic guitar in the background provides necessary grounding for the song to march along.

“House of Mirrors” combats its own polish with driving drum beats and heavily distorted guitars to become one of the few unabashed anthems of the album.

To read the full review, click here., Album Review:

Doves fourth studio album sees the Mancunian band expand on their full, lush and abounding indie rock sound with flourishes of electronica, funk, country and some imposing production. Opener Jetstream’s pulsating undercurrents are just the first sign that Doves haven’t entirely abandoned the dance roots of their Sub Sub beginnings, while the sleazy funk and retro vibe of Compulsion demonstrate a new, less urgent side.

Despite these embellishments, Kingdom of Rust is still very much an alt-rock album. That’s made clear by the continued dominance of the guitar work, clear and cleanly plucked, as on Spellbound, or gritty and grimy, as on House of Mirrors. Combine this with the reverb drenched vocals and off beat rhythms, and Doves have the power to be quite engrossing.

There’s an air of dejection throughout Kingdom of Rust which can be overwhelming, both in the good and the bad sense. The glum atmosphere can become trying at times (Birds Flew Backwards), but it also makes tracks like The Outsiders and 10.03, which builds upon the wretched and miserable until it transforms into a rip-roaring rhythm-led guitar sequence. Kingdom of Rust’s main downfall is the plain sailing of tracks like Winter Hill and The Greatest Dernier – predictable, average and out of place on an otherwise strong and intense album.

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