Winter Hill

Artwork By Rick Myers

Released: July 20th 2009

Produced by: Doves & John Leckie

Label: Heavenly

Additional Info: Winter Hill originated from the Lost Souls sessions. The promo video stars stunt cyclist Danny MacAskill.

Track list

HVN192 In Gatefold sleeve

Side A: Winter Hill (David Bascombe Radio Mix)

Side B: Brazil Lyrics


Winter Hill (Radio Mix)

1. Winter Hill (David Bascombe Radio Mix)
2. Compulsion (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
3. Jetstream (Lindstrom Remix)

Winter Hill (Acoustic Version)

1. Winter Hill (Acoustic Version)
2. Jetstream (Sasha Remix)
3. Jetstream (Sasha Subdub)

As with the Kingdom Of Rust single. Three limited remix 12″ vinyl were issued.

Limited edition 12″ HVN19212P1

1. Jetstream (Sasha Remix)
2. Jetstream (Sasha Subdub)

Limited edition 12″ HVN19212P2

1. Jetstream (Lindstrum Remix)
2. Jetstream (The Time & Space Machine Remix)

One-sided limited edition 12″ HVN19212P3

1. Compulsion (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

Chart History

Highest UK single chart position: 153

Remixes Promo


After 4 long years Doves arrived back into our lives with Kingdom Of Rust and no one really, least of all the band themselves, anticipated the reception it received: The critics hailed it as their Magnun opus, the fans flocked to the shops (certified gold in just three weeks) and then to the shows, as the mancunion threesome went on to sell out 2 UK tours that culminated in 2 back-to-back sold out shows at the Brixton Academy.

Now Doves are back again with new single Winter Hill released on the legendary Heavenly imprint. Known locally, Winter Hill is a beauty spot between Chorley and Bolton in the West Pennine Moors. It’s famed for its UFO sightings, mining activity, aeroplane disasters and murders but to Doves it clearly means something altogether more magical and ethereal.

Already a fans favourite Winter Hill ushers the listener in via a pop Reich repetition, all looped effects and soaring synths before morphing into what can only be described a love song. Albeit, a love song, that is burly and adventurous in it’s production, almost stadium sized in the chorus and lyrically rich with observations of the environment and all that is encountered atop Winter Hill. Full of the bracing rural psychedelia that has become their hallmark, this is Doves at their very best.

Furthermore, on the flip side of the 7″ vinyl there’s a totally different change of pace with the Dylanesque Brazil, a new track that adds yet another dimension to Doves repertoire.


Doves: Winter Hill (Heavenly): Despite their flouting of seasonal themes (like, a song about flip-flops and strawberries would’ve been nice), these indie rock stalwarts muster another charmingly spirited number. Doves aren’t conventional romantics but they’re eminently huggable.

Terminally under-rated, Doves seem incapable of producing the kind of breakthrough that Elbow enjoyed last year. New album ‘Kingdom Of Rust’ is a slow burner, but after a four-year break it’s good to have any material out of the one-time Sub Sub renegades. ‘Winter Hill’ is a typical Doves track, overcoming melancholy with a euphoric chorus.

California Chronicle

Doves The new single from Doves is a soaraway track that sounds a lot warmer than its icy title. A classic Doves track with vocal harmonizing and a mix of deep bassy notes, drums, guitar and synths. Lovely


Directed By David Mould

Digital Promo