The Cedar Room

Artwork by Rick Myers

Released: March 20th 2000

Produced by: Doves

Label: Heavenly

Track listings:

CD Single Cat #: HVN 95CD

1. The Cedar Room
2. Zither
3. Karen

10″ Fold out sleeve. Cat #: HVN9510

Side A: The Cedar Room

Side B: Zither, Karen

Chart History

Highest UK single chart position: 33.

The Cedar Room spent two weeks in the chart. Second week placing, number 61.


Quote from Duke University interview with Andy

It’s actually about-it’s quite weird-I wrote the verse lyrics and Jimi [Goodwin, bassist/vocalist] wrote the chorus lyrics. The cedar room was actually a room in a haunted house from when we were kids. The name just got stuck in my head. It’s a very love kind of vibe.

NME Award

The Cedar Room was voted in the top 100 tracks of the decade by the NME:

38 The Cedar Room

The Manchester band’s debut single

The longest song on Doves’ mesmerizing debut album ‘Lost Souls’ represents the true essence of what this most unassumingly special of British bands are all about. A constant live favourite, it creeps along at a lovely, stoned pace, ever so slowly evolving into a classic piece of colourful psychedelia that even the most addled of ’60s acid-heads would be immensely proud of.

They made much more concise, accessible pop records than this throughout their careers, but never have Jimi Goodwin’s lot sounded as mesmerizingly beautiful as they do here. A dark, brooding, slice of 6am perfection that takes you to places you need to go. HM