Xfm recap

On Monday Jimi was the special guest on the new Mary Anne Hobbs Xfm show Music: Response.   The show is available to listen to at Xfm on demand here. The interview starts 2 hours in.

During the interview Jimi spoke at length about his work on the Bird Effect with Ceri Levy. There is to be another Bird Effect performance for Ghosts of Gone Birds, this time in Shoreditch sometime in November. More on that as I get it!

Jimi also spoke about his ‘solo’ record which he hopes will sound like some mad mix tape! He has been working with Simon Dine, who is probably most known for producing the last couple Paul Weller records.

Of Course Mary Anne Hobbs asked Jimi about the status of Doves, again Jimi reiterated they are taking a break/hiatus whatever you want to call it. Jimi compiled a rather eccentric mix for the show which you can listen to below. The mix includes some of Jimi’s demos, spot them if you can!