Last show..

Its no secret the band are going to take a break for a wee while. As expected the Manchester Warehouse show will be the last gig for awhile, Jez is quoted as saying according to

Speaking ahead of their appearance at the incendiary Warehouse Project in Manchester, Jez Williams hinted that Doves’s show on the 16th could be the band’s last, at least for a while.

“The Warehouse Project is our last gig for… I don’t know. It could be a long time. We’ve have no plans to do another album. All I know is this is our last gig…” he said.

So yeah, get your tix now here, if you want to see them one last time.

Miller Filtered Music have uploaded pictures of the recent Oran Mor show up on their facebook. Check it out, some familiar faces!

Finally, don’t know how I missed this one. But check out this James Lavelle remix of There Goes The Fear. Its pretty good.

Glasgow Oran Mor Setlist

Setlist from tonight’s acoustic set at Glasgow’s Oran Mor. Many thanks as always to NLF who also sent in a couple pics from the show..

The Scottish News Of The World caught up with the band in their barn. A really interesting interview it is too, cheers to Clarion for the heads up..


IN a corner of Doves HQ lies a pile of abandoned boom boxes, reel-to- reel tape recorders and ancient cassette decks.

They’re the kind of relics you’d find, dusty and ignored, at the back of any junk shop.

But, along with drummer Andy Williams’ kit, which sits in its own spot over by the fireplace, and the rack of guitars belonging to his brother Jez, they’re key weapons in creating the band’s rich, inventive sound.

Everything else here, however, is the most up-to-the-minute music technology available, a legacy of their days making club tracks in a scene where producers routinely obsess over the latest gadgets.

“Our songs are really ongoing investigations,” confesses bassist/frontman Jimi Goodwin. “They start to reveal themselves as you’re working on them.”

And inside their HQ, a converted farm building midway between Manchester and Liverpool, it’s the combination of the outmoded and the state-of-the-art that helps shape multi-layered classics like last year’s world-beating fourth album Kingdom Of Rust.

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