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New Raized By Wolves

New music from Jez & Martin’s project Raized by Wolves. The tracks are Ghosts &   She Loves The Music plus the instrumentals for both. They add that they are finishing the record!

Raized By Wolves

After much speculation and rumour, Raized By Wolves have finally revealed themselves on their official website. Raized By Wolves is Jez Williams, Martin Rebelski & Mike TV. They released their debut single The Call last September,   a track which features vocals by Tom Smith of the Editors. You can hear the track on their soundcloud. After a long absence presumably writing. they release their second single Spirit World on September 23rd.

The blurb on the site says:

Jez Williams, Martin Rebelski and Mike TV are the vision behind the ever mysterious Raized By Wolves. Creating an enticing blend of classic progressive house, modern electro and high voltage electronic music, their sound, which hits that ever so rare sweet spot between floor filling dance music and credible pop, is showcased on their new single “Spirit World”, released September 23rd on Rocket Records.

Following on from their debut single “The Call” (which was released on deadmau5’s label mau5trap last year), “Spirit World” showcases perfectly the trio’s ability to create progressive house euphoria –a stunning, delirious, 5 minute journey through progressive house and radio friendly pop, taking in vibrant synth lines, instantly addictive melodies and strikingly gorgeous vocals by newcomer Anne-Marie, a 21 year old British singer/songwriter starting to make waves on the scene with her own fusion of electro, R&B, hip hop and pop. It’s a giddy pop song of gigantic proportions, and one which deserves to be huge in its own right.

Official Raized By Wolves Links:

Official website