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The Bird Effect on 6 Music

This evening Jimi filled in for Guy Garvey on 6 Music’s Finest hour. Of course the show was filled with some cracking music! Def checking out Dungen who I hadn’t heard of before to be honest.

The show’s highlight was Jimi giving his latest ‘piece’ The Bird Effect its radio debut, written for the documentary of the same name by Ceri Levy, who joined Jimi in the studio for some chat.

Listen to the full show here. If you don’t have the time or just want to hear the Bird Effect then jump to minute 1 hour 21.

The Bird Effect Emsemble


As the lights went down and the first Ghosts images flickered up on screen,Jimi Goodwin’s haunting soundtrack came to life,conducted by Joe Duddell, performed by Jimi and a fantastic group of musicians,all organized by Ali Hudson,creating the perfect accompaniment to Ceri Levy’s film images.A truly spine-tingling Ghosts moment –and a wonderful way to end the show.

Taken from the Ghosts of Gone Birds facebook page, for more pictures and info on the project join the group.

BBC Christmas speech

No not that one! BBC 6 Music has Richard Hawley hosting an alternative to the Queens speech on Christmas day. The show features Jimi Goodwin as well as the likes of Guy Garvey & Billy Bragg among others. Show starts at 1pm thro til 4pm.

Info taken from richardhawley.co.uk

Thanks to Armin in Germany for the link!