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The Panic Tree

Of course I take a few days off and I miss a cracker… Jimi was a guest on Jo Wiley’s Radio 2 show last Wednesday which was co-hosted by Guy Garvey.

Jimi was live in session with a couple musicians backing him up on keys & harp.  Noticed the band included Jake Evans… of Bad Lieutenant fame I wonder? They started off with a stunning version of Break Me Gently not heard live since 2000 I believe?

Later on the show Jimi mentioned that he and guy had spent a weekend together working and this was one of the results was a track called The Panic Tree, for which they took a sample from an old gospel tune. The Panic Tree is a lovely folky Josh Ritter like track, well worth listening to..

You can still listen to the tracks on the BBC iPlayer here.   Break Me Gently is about 52 mins in then The Panic Tree around 1.15.

Don’t forget tomorrow Jimi & Guy are co-hosting 6 Music’s Radcliffe & Maconie from 1pm through til 4pm. Then from 8pm Jimi will be presenting the The Bird Effect Ensemble live in session on the Marc Riley show.

Guy Garvey Collaboration News

With big thanks to John for the heads up!

An interview with Jimi on 6 Music news. Jimi again talks about the Bird Effect project and his solo record. What’s new from this interview is jimi talking about his collaboration with Guy Garvey and that it would be on the solo record he is working on.


Caught By The River Radio show

Some more news on what Jimi is currently up to. Taken from an interview posted at

Do you have material you’ve written on your own that you think you may do something with outside of Elbow right now, like a solo project or side band?

I’m currently collaborating with Jimmy Goodwin from Doves

Guy Garvey also mentioned on his 6 Music show last week that he & Jimi had been working together at Real World Studios. All sounds very cool! Hope to hear more on this.

If you missed out on hearing Jimi’s Bird Effect track on 6 Music the other week. A different version, which sounds like the track intro was aired on Domino Radio last week on a show presented by the good folks at Caught By The River. The show is archived online here, well worth checking out to hear more new music from Jimi! Listen to the full show, some great music on it including Dave Rofe’s brilliant Richard Burton-King Tubby –Under Dub Wood mash up.

The Bird Effect on 6 Music

This evening Jimi filled in for Guy Garvey on 6 Music’s Finest hour. Of course the show was filled with some cracking music! Def checking out Dungen who I hadn’t heard of before to be honest.

The show’s highlight was Jimi giving his latest ‘piece’ The Bird Effect its radio debut, written for the documentary of the same name by Ceri Levy, who joined Jimi in the studio for some chat.

Listen to the full show here. If you don’t have the time or just want to hear the Bird Effect then jump to minute 1 hour 21.